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Selling with Nash Agent

Selling a home requires more than a sign in the yard and an MLS listing. You need a marketing professional who is committed to selling your home for the highest amount of money in the shortest time, while taking as much pressure as possible off of you, the seller.

A Tried and True 4 Step Process

When you hire a professional REALTOR®, you expect results. Danielle has a process that has a proven track record for producing results every time. 


Step 1. Analyze the data

  • Reviewing a Real Estate comparative market analysis (CMA) on your property

  • Reviewing comparative property features to determine your property’s value

  • Initial pricing evaluation review

  • Preparing your seller net sheet

Step 2. Plan your marketing debut

  • Touring your property

  • Market preparation consulting

  • Measuring & staging (if applicable)

  • Photo / Video production

Step 3. Execute a contract

  • Analyze, negotiate, and execute a contract

  • Navigate property inspections & appraisal process

  • Oversee buyer performance

Step 4. Close your sale

  • Final walk-through preparation

  • Review settlement documents

  • Execute closing paperwork

Let's Get Started! 

Before our first meeting, we would love to collect important information about the home you will be selling. This will enable us to be fully prepared for our time together. Click on the link below to complete Nash Agent's home seller questionnaire. 

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